bioclear, Bioclear,Bio-Clear,bio-clear

bioclear, Bioclear,Bio-Clear,bio-clear

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

bio - clear

          Bio - Clear 3 in one skin care pack    

Enjoy your beautiful looking skin in 3 easy steps with the bio - clear 3 in one skin care pack. The pack costs of an intensive skin repair complex, a purifying face was and a pure tissue oil.

Bio - Clear restores skin to its original form with a natural glow thus eliminating harmful damage that may have been caused by skin lightning creams. Harmful skin lightning creams use hydro quinone and steroids that damages skin. Bio - Clear would restore the repair your skin from damage to their tissue. It will brighten your complexion and make it clear of harmful chemicals that damage the skin.


First wipe about a small coin size worth of the facewash on the hand and apply onto the face. Wash off with warm water. Apply the intensive skin repair complex all over the skin if their is any damaged tissue (avoid contact with the eyes and wash quickly with excessive water if direct contact is made with the eyes). Apply the skin repair complex at night by mixing a a few drops of tissue oil and apply all over the face at bedtime.

Please note the following:
You may experience irritation and after after effects whilst bio - clear begins to work. The after effects of using harmful products will cause your skin to burn, itch and peel as bio - clear begins to work. A pharmacist recommended antihistamine will help to alleviate symptoms, while the bio-clear skincare range goes to work. 

Intensive skin repair complex
bio - clear Skin Repair Complex with extract of Witch Hazel has been formulated to target damaged, dehydrated skin.  Witch Hazel an astringent is used in combination with moisturising agents, enabling bio-clear skin repair complex to rehydrate and refresh, damaged, dehydrated skin. Ingredients: Aqua,cetostearyl,Alcohol,Paraffinium Liquidium,Glycerol,Petrolatum,DMDM Hydrantoin,Hammamelis Virginana, Aloe Barbedenisis, Parfum and Preserv

Bio Clear Purifying Face Wash
The face wash will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and clean from the first day of use. Formulated with gentle, natural ingredients, bio-clear Purifying Face Wash may be used as often as you need to wash your face. Ingredients: Aqua,Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Cacoyl Isethionate,  Corn Starch, Stearic Acid, Menthol, Parfum And Preserv

Bio-Clear tissue oil intensively hydrates and nourishes the stratum corneum forming a non-greasy, protective barrier that is rapidly absorbed. Bio-Clear Pure Tissue Oil may be applied twice daily to affected areas, or as required to promote a healthy, well hydrated skin. Ingredients: Paraffinium Liquidium, Oleum Lavendulae, Oleum Rosae, Centella Asiatrica, Isopropyle Myristate.

Bio-Clear is now available at all Informed Pharmacies ie: Durban CDB 412 Dr Pixley Ka Seme Street, 89 Dr Yusuf Dadoo Street, Durban Commercial City, Pietermaritzburg (Merit Pharmacy Selgro),Port Shepstone (Shop 1, Usher Cnt.2  Robinson Street, Richmond (Shopping Centre),Pinetown H&B (46 Hill Street).

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Bio-Clear : The Look To Go By. Get It Now! 


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